General Conditions of Sale and Use (GCSU)


SURG UP Company — Doqboard

SARL with a capital of €124 245

RCS ROUEN n° 507 917 060

Headquartered at: 107 Allée François Mitterrand – 76100 ROUEN, FRANCE

VAT intra-community number: FR 17 507 917 060

Phone: (+33) 02 78 77 54 18




The following terms have in these general conditions of sale and use the following meaning:

- The Company: Designates SURG UP SARL

- Project: Refers to any clinical project carried by a User, Client or Organization, and implemented with the software, supports and services provided by the Company.

- Client: Refers to any natural person or legal entity who requested an access to the DOQBOARD application.

- Part: Refers to the SURG UP SARL Company or the Customer whose name is mentioned on the purchase order.

- Organization: Refers to the organizer of a Project that has defined its specific parameters and ordered from the Company its creation and distribution among the Application Users.

- User: Refers to any medical professional authorized by the Company to use the DOQBOARD Application.

- Order: Refers to any request of the DOQBOARD Application, the initial purchase order and any subsequent purchase orders, as well as any invoice issued by SURG UP SARL and paid by the Customer, defining unambiguously the license type, its periodicity, and the number of users when required (TEAM licenses).

- Marks: Refers to the trademarks and logos used or deposited by the Company on which the Company wan claim an anteriority.

- Personal data: Refers to any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.

- Clinical Data: Refers to any personal medical data relating to the physical or mental health of a physical person.

- Anonymized data: Refers to any personal medical data after deletion by the Company of nominative information or of any information likely to allow the direct identification of patients.

- Databases: Refers to all personal data collected by the Users, Clients or Organizations.

- The Website: Designates the website

- License of Use (Plan): Refers to the contract by which the Company defines the conditions of access by the Customers and Users to the Application. The type of license is mentioned in the Purchase order or agreed with the Company the subscribing online and may be of the “PRO” (free), “ADVANCED”, “EXPERT”, or “TEAM” type (for team licenses).

- Software / Application: Refers to the DOQBOARD Application, designed and produced by the Company and including related documentation. The Application is a clinical projects management platform, allowing medical doctors and healthcare actors to perform or participate to Projects, and offering them to create, exchange and access electronic forms and clinical databases.

- DOQBOARD FORM: Designates a Clinical Project created by the Company at the request of an Organization, and made available to the Users of the Software. DOQBOARD FORMS allow Users to participate in a project and to share anonymized Clinical Data with the participants o this project.


These General Conditions of Sale and Use (GCSU) constitute the basis of the commercial negotiation and are systematically addressed, delivered or accessible online or physically to each buyer to enable him to place an order.

Any contrary condition opposed by the buyer will be, therefore, in the absence of express acceptance, unenforceable to the seller, regardless of when it may have been brought to his attention. Regarding the rules applicable to DOQBOARD FORMS, the GCSU applicable to them will prevail over any other agreement.

The fact that the seller does not prevail at a given time of any of these GCSU cannot be interpreted as a waiver of any subsequent use of any of these conditions.


2.1. Description of services

The services provided by the Company are essentially:

- Maintenance and delivery services of the Software for medical doctors and healthcare actors.

- The provision of DOQBOARD FORMS, created by the Company and made available to Users of the Application at the request of Organizations.

2.2. Singularity of the Software

The Customers, Organizations and Users of the Software and of the DOQBOARD FORMS collect and enter Clinical Data relating to patients, in accordance with the rules applicable to them and under their sole responsibility.

They are responsible for collecting any patient consent that may be necessary prior to the collection, storage or use of any data.

In general, any User or Customer is solely responsible for complying with any legal or regulatory obligation to declare and / or provide any information that may be necessary both to patients and to structures (in particular hospitals), authorities or competent entities, previously participation in a Project. By accepting these GCSU of the DOQBOARD Application, any User, Client or Organization is hence committed to respect these legal or regulatory regulations.

2.3. Data Management

In the context of the provision of its Services, the Company collects personal data of the Users and Clients and in particular the following data:

- Email address

- Name

- Country

- Medical specialty

- Place of exercise

- Exercise City

- Bank details

Patients’ personal medical data are collected by the Users in the Application in the context of their inclusion in Projects.

The Company is committed to preserve the full confidentiality of the personal data collected by the Users in the Application, for their own identity as well as for the identity of the patients included in their Projects. In particular, the Company is committed to not disclose this personal information to any third entity, including for commercial purposes.

In the context of multicentric Projects, the Users participating in the Project accept to share the processing of anonymized clinical data with the other participants in the Project, including when appropriate the Organization at the origin of the Project.

The Company gives Customers, Users and Organizations, a non-exclusive, non-assignable and non-transferable right of access and use of Databases for the duration and under the conditions contractually subscribed.

The Company owns the Databases as the Producer of the Databases. The Application and its Databases are protected by the subscription by the Company of a dedicated hosting service certified for health data storage from a certified provider (CLARANET SAS). The access to personal medical data is solely reserved to the User who entered the Data.

The Company has the right to use the collected anonymized Databases for the purposes of research and statistical analysis.


Where applicable, any User may have access to the DOQBOARD FORMS service through his use of the DOQBOARD Application. The User may hence participate in Organizations’ Projects.

2.5. Intellectual Property

The Company owns the rights on the DOQBOARD Brand. It gives Customers, Users and Organizations the right to access and use its Trademarks, which are non-exclusive, non-assignable and non-transferable. Customers, Users and Organizations undertake to expressly refer to the Trademarks in their communication with third parties.

They shall not, except with the prior express authorization of the Company:

- The deletion or modification of a protected Mark regularly affixed in their relations with third parties;

- The reproduction, use or unauthorized affixing of a protected trademark of the Company, as well as the use of a duplicate trademark, for products or services identical to those covered by the protection;

They shall likewise prohibit, except with the express prior authorization of the Company, if there is a risk of confusion in the mind of the public:

- The unauthorized reproduction, use or affixing of a protected Mark as well as the use of a Reproduced Mark, for products or services similar to those protected;

- The imitation of a Mark and the use of an imitated Mark, for goods or services identical or similar to those protected.

Customers, Users and Organizations are informed that any infringement of the Rights of the Company on the Brand and Trademark constitutes an infringement involving the civil liability of its author. The Company owns the rights to the products and services it markets.

Subject to the prior acceptance by the Clients and Users of the relevant GCSUs and Licenses, the Company grants them a non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-transferable right of access and use over its products and services.

The Company owns the DOQBOARD Software.

The acceptance of the terms and conditions of the license to use the Software, confers on the User, for the duration and under the conditions (including financial) defined therein, a license to use the Software, non-exclusive, no transferable and non-transferable, giving access to the other products and services of the Company, in particular to DOQBOARD FORMS.

Any user of a service under the brand DOQBOARD participating in a Project commits himself to respect the GCSU of the DOQBOARD application in all its provisions.


Besides any Order, the Users can request access to the application in its free version ("PRO" license) by completing an online subscription and by specifying their User profile.

The Company cannot under any circumstances be held liable, implicitly or expressly, with regard to the Clients, Users or Third Parties, on the quality or the content of the data entered into the Site to get access to the DOQBOARD Application, especially if false or incorrect data is provided.

The Company however restricts the access to the Application solely to authorized healthcare professionals. Hence, the Company verifies every User profile with the information they provided during their subscription:

- The User’s email address is verified by sending a confirmation link by email at this address, requiring the User to click on this link to confirm its address and activate its account.

- The Company then verifies the professional identity of the User with the information provided in the subscription form. If the Company is not able to verify the professional identity of a User, it can decide to require additional information from the User to justify its quality of medical doctor or healthcare professional. When the verification of the professional profile is impossible, The Company can refuse the access to the Application for the concerned User.

- When the User’s profile has been verified, it is authorized by the Company to Use the Software in its PRO version for an unlimited period.


At any time, the User may place an order for a paid version of the Software (ADVANCED, EXPERT or TEAM).

To be valid, the Order must specify the type of the license, its periodicity (annual or monthly), the agreed price and the terms of payment. For TEAM licenses, the number of Users and the type of functionalities (Advanced/Expert) is specified in the Order.

These licenses are delivered directly to the Customer electronically upon receipt of the Order, by changing its access type to the Application.

Regardless of the type of license, the order can be made online or requested directly by the Customer. An estimate quotation is then established by the Company and sent to the Customer. The return of the quotation signed by the Customer or the obtaining of his agreement by electronic signature or written by mail is worth order of the Customer on the services mentioned in the estimate. Orders are final, even when taken through sales representatives or employees.

Unless otherwise agreed, the order entails for the buyer acceptance of the seller's conditions of sale, the acknowledgment of having full knowledge of it and the waiver of his own terms of purchase.

Any request for any modification of the original order can only be made in writing, must be accepted by the Company, and authorize this Company to issue a complementary invoice beyond the initial offer, possibly allowing, and if necessary, the extension of the execution period.

ARTICLE 5: LICENSE RATE (paid licenses)

The products are supplied at the prices in force at the time of placing the order and taking into account the VAT applicable on the date of the order. The currency is indicated on the quote.

Unless otherwise agreed, the prices in the order are only valid for a maximum of 1 month. The applicable price is the one in force on the day of the electronic delivery of the license, as displayed on the Website. Unless otherwise agreed, the prices are net, excluding taxes on the basis of an annual commitment and on the prices communicated to the buyer. License fees and tax rates may vary by geographic area.

Any tax, duty or other benefit payable under the French regulations or those of an importing country or a transit country shall be borne by the purchaser.

ARTICLE 6: INVOICING (paid licenses)

An invoice is issued and issued upon the electronic delivery of the license. It opens a payment period of up to 30 days.

ARTICLE 7: PAYMENT (paid licenses)

7.1 Terms

Payment for access to the Software in its paid versions is carried out separately.

In case of online order, the Customer agrees in this context to pay for access through monthly or annual wire transfers after establishment of authorizations provided by the customer through the communication of its credit card data. This authorization validation will be done online via the payment module STRIPE in accordance with the general conditions of STRIPE accessible at this link:

In case of order by acceptance of a quote, the payment will be made by bank transfer or by credit card or bank check sent by post to SURG UP SARL, 107 Allée François Mitterrand, 76100 ROUEN. If applicable, credit card authorization will be made online via the STRIPE payment module in accordance with the STRIPE general conditions available at this link:

7.2. Payment delays

Unless otherwise agreed, payments will be made under the following conditions: payment at 30 days, upon presentation of the invoice, by bank transfer or check, according to the payment terms mentioned on the quote of the customer.

In case of use of the STRIPE online payment module, payment is made immediately by credit card. Any other method of payment must be the subject to a specific agreement and may incur costs.

7.3. Delay or Defaults

In the event of late payment, the seller may suspend the rights of access to the Software, without prejudice to any other course of action. The rights will be available again when the payment is credited to the account and identified by SURG UP SARL.

Any sum not paid on the due date appearing on the invoice entails automatically from the day following the date of payment on the invoice the application of penalties equal to 3 times the legal interest rate. a lump sum recovery payment of €40 (Law 2012-387 of March 22, 2012).

In case of default of payment, forty-eight hours after a formal notice remained unsuccessful, the sale may be terminated automatically if it seems good to the seller. The resolution will affect not only the order in question but also any previous unpaid orders, whether delivered or being delivered and whether or not their payment has expired.

In all the preceding cases, the sums that would be due for other deliveries, or for any other reason, will become immediately due if the seller does not opt for the resolution of the corresponding orders.

The buyer will have to reimburse all the costs incurred by the litigation recovery of the sums due, including the fees of ministerial officers. Under no circumstances may payments be suspended or be subject to any compensation without the prior written agreement of the seller. Any partial payment will be deducted first on the sums whose payability is the oldest.

The seller does not intend to grant any discount for payment in cash or at a date earlier than that resulting from the general conditions of sale.

7.4 Continuation and termination of the use of the Software in its paid versions

The Customer may continue or terminate the use of the Software in its paid versions under the following conditions:

- Regardless of the type of license, the commitment of the Client (annual or monthly) is tacitly renewed on each anniversary of the first subscription.

- For annual commitments, thirty days before the anniversary date of the renewed commitment contract, SURG UP SARL will send each year an information email sent to the customer to inform him of the automatic renewal of his commitment. The customer can position himself before the renewal of the contract if he wishes to put an end to his contract or if he wishes to obtain a new estimate for the new year of use.

- At any time, the Customer may terminate his commitment contract, which will come into force at the end of the current commitment period (as invoiced) at the time of termination of the contract.

- Upon expiry of the contract of engagement, the Customer may continue to use the Software in its free version ("PRO") for an unlimited period.


The Customer waives the search for the liability of SURG UP SARL in the event of damage occurring as a result of the use of the Software, or any document entrusted to it.

It is further agreed that SURG UP SARL will incur no liability for any loss of profit, commercial disturbance that the Customer would suffer, any claim or claim made against the customer from any third party, he is.


In accordance with the Data Protection Act 78-17 of 06/01/1978, customers and prospects who have transmitted personal information to SURG UP SARL have a right of access, rectification, modification and deletion of data concerning them. All customers and prospects can exercise this right by writing to the head office of SURG UP SARL, 107 Allée François Mitterrand 76100 Rouen, France.


The present contract is integrally subjected to the French law. In the event of any dispute arising in connection with the interpretation or execution of this contract, the parties will endeavor to settle it amicably prior to any legal action. In case of persistent disagreement on the interpretation or execution of this contract, exclusive jurisdiction is assigned to the Courts of Rouen, notwithstanding plurality of defendants or warranty claim, even for emergency procedures or precautionary procedures.


Any complaint and / or challenge of the client against SURG UP SARL must be made by the customer no later than 48 hours from their generating event, under pain of forfeiture, at the email address


The maintenance clause applies to paid products and services, contracted between SURG UP SARL and the customer. It is carried out exclusively at a distance, by accessing a telephone number (+33) 2 78 77 54 18 and an email address from the company SURG UP SARL to ask him any questions relating to the use and operation of the application and if necessary correct any malfunction, by remote control of the customer's computer (requiring the installation by it of the remote access application recommended by SURG UP SARL). It is exercised during the period of validity of the license of the Software.

Any additional maintenance beyond the original order (annual evolutionary and corrective maintenance of the Software) can only be done in writing, must be accepted by the company SURG UP SARL, and authorize this company to issue a complementary invoice beyond the initial offer, possibly allowing, and if necessary, the extension of the execution period.